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What is business insurance?

As with life, nothing is truly assured in business. Accidents happen, and a business insurance plan suited to your needs will ensure that an unforeseen event won’t cripple the operations of your business. Things such as property damage, legal liability, and employee injuries can tarnish the success of a business if preventative measures are not in place.

What types of business insurance are offered?

Business Loan Protection Insurance

Business Loan Protection Insurance helps pay off or reduce your business loan if you or a key employee is injured, disabled, or passes away. Taking out a loan for your business is a big risk, and with as many moving parts as there tends to be in the operations of a business, reducing that risk as much as possible is a no-brainer.

Key Person Protection Insurance

Key person protection insurance is a life insurance or disability insurance policy that’s placed by a company onto an employee deemed integral to the success of the business. If an unforeseen event prevents the insured worker from coming into work, the Key Person insurance policy can cover some or all of the costs of recruitment, retraining, and lost revenue due to the disability of the insured.

Group Insurance

Whether you’re a small business owner or responsible for a large organization, one of the best ways to help attract and keep high-quality people is to offer a well-designed group benefits plan. Through
Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Wealth Management Financial Services Inc., we offer group life, health, and dental insurance solutions from Canada’s leading providers.

Disability Buy-Out Insurance

If a business partner becomes disabled and is unable to continue working, it can cause a major financial strain on the company. Formal disability buy-out agreements should be put in place, to govern the terms for the company to buy out the shares owned by the disabled. However, the funds required to buy out the disabled’s share of the company can be substantial, and often crippling. Disability buy-out insurance (often referred to as Disability Buy-Sell Insurance) can help ensure your business has the funds available to purchase the interests and/or shares of a partner who becomes permanently disabled and is unable to continue working.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Business Overhead Expense Insurance is an expense reimbursement policy that covers those fixed monthly business overhead expenses required to keep the business viable until the return of the owner, after a period of disability. This allows the business operations to continue until the insured either returns to work or makes a decision regarding the future of the business.

I think business insurance is right for me. What are my next steps?

Good choice.

Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Insurance is one of the most reputable and fastest growing insurance companies in North America. I am here personally to ensure your financial wealth and stability. Contact me and book an appointment, so we can go over your individual needs and find the right life insurance solution for you.

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It was the night before my trip to Maui and I realized when I was packing that I didn’t have my travel insurance lined up. I phoned Royale British Columbia Financial Inc and they were able to help me obtain the right insurance for my kids and I in just a few minutes. I couldn’t believe how fast Royale made it happen.
- Sarah -