Disability income protection

Disability Income Protection Insurance

When you protect your income, you can help protect your lifestyle.

If you lost your ability to earn an income, you also risk losing the lifestyle you’ve created for yourself and your family. It could happen in an instant – a sudden accident or serious illness leaving you unable to work and earn money.

Your other health insurance plan can help with the medical bills, but they won’t replace your lost income. For that you need disability income protection insurance. Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Insurance® has a plan that can ensure you maintain your way of life.

Even if you have a company disability insurance policy, we can complement that with a plan that fills in the missing pieces of your company plan.

Choose disability income protection suited to your needs.

Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Insurance offers several different plans that can help you preserve your income if you become disabled. We’ve designed them to offer a range of benefit and premium options to suit your occupation, income level and other factors. Depending on the plan you select, your coverage can include:

  • Total disability benefits – For if you’re unable to work at all
  • Partial disability benefits – For disabilities that prevent you from earning your full income
  • Return to work benefits – To help you get back to full-time work
  • Your choice of benefit periods – So you can select how long you’ll receive benefits
  • Your choice of elimination periods – So you can choose how soon you’ll begin to receive benefits after the disability occurs
  • Your choice of premium options – To fit your budget or career stage

To determine what amounts and types of disability insurance you need, call us to set up a meeting.

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It was the night before my trip to Maui and I realized when I was packing that I didn’t have my travel insurance lined up. I phoned Royale British Columbia Financial Inc and they were able to help me obtain the right insurance for my kids and I in just a few minutes. I couldn’t believe how fast Royale made it happen.
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