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Key Person Protector

Protect Your Business Against the Loss of a Key Contributor

If a key member of your team was to become totally disabled, your bottom line may suffer in the short-term and over the long-term you may have to find a replacement.

Because key employees have unique knowledge and skills, replacement can often be difficult, timely and expensive.

You may have to pay a recruiter to find someone with suitable skills. One or more areas of your business may have to be put on hold, both during the search and while you train a replacement. Even if you are able to promote someone internally, you may still lose revenue while the replacement gets up to speed.

What is Key Person Protection Insurance?

Key man protection insurance is placed on an individual within a business whose role is vital to the operation and bottom line of the company. If a disability causes the insured worker to be unable to come into work, the insurance policy can cover some or all of the costs of recruitment, retraining, and lost revenue due to the disability of the insured.

That’s why we at Royale British Columbia Financial Inc offer Key Person Disability Insurance.

For help in structuring the coverage that best suits your business, consult us today.

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