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Whole Life Insurance

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance plans are life insurance plans in which the coverage remains constant until death, regardless of age.

Many permanent plans are designed to grow cash value that can be tax-deferred.

Whole Life insurance plans are ideal for people who think they will want to have life insurance in place for their entire lives.

What are the different types of Whole Life Insurance?

Stepped Premium Insurance

These life insurance plans offer a premium based on your age, which is recalculated, generally annually, based on your age and health.

Life Term to 100 Insurance

These plans are paid until the age of 100, but the coverage lasts for a lifetime. As with level premium insurance, payments never increase as you age. These plans also provide a tax-free cash benefit to the designated beneficiary upon the insured’s death.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a life insurance plan that is combined with investment options for growing savings. Any deposits into the account beyond the payment amounts are invested or used to increase the guaranteed death payout to the assigned beneficiaries.

Level Premium Insurance

Whole life insurance plans have a set premium that remains constant until death, with a higher starting premium than stepped premium insurance plans, but with a high potential for overall savings as you age.

Hybrid Life Insurance

Hybrid life insurance combines long-term care coverage with typical life insurance. If the insured dies before requiring long-term health care, the money saved towards it goes to their beneficiaries, but if they do require long-term health care, the money can be used to pay for it.

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I first met Frank several years ago through an exercise client of mine, who would later become his wife. He then became a client, himself. A while later, I was advised that I had a UPS pension that was coming to term. I told Frank about it, and he suggested that I transfer it out, so that it didn't stagnate until I was eligible to draw upon it. That was over five years ago. Since then, the investment portfolio has averaged an eight-percent return every year. I receive a status report every six months, and am very happy with the return. Frank has done a great job looking out for my interests. He is very knowledgeable, and has answered my questions on multiple occasions. I highly recommend him and his company.

Regarding Lindsay Cooper, the reviewer who gave a one-star rating, I don't think their reaction/comments were fair or appropriate. Cold-calling is one form of generating business for some companies. If it didn't work, no one would be doing it. It's not like they have products on a shelf at Walmart. Believe it or not, some people actually appreciate it, because they may have been wanting to invest, but didn't know where to start. Additionally, financial planning must be a worthwhile endeavor, considering Frank's been in the industry for over two decades.

Also, it is up to the individual to confirm what their call display says, not just assume. It is not a scam to have a name that is similar to another company. You just have to actually read it.
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