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Medical Insurance

What is medical insurance?

Medical Insurance covers medical expenses for illness, injuries, and health conditions. Accidents can’t be predicted, so protecting yourself with the medical coverage that’s right for you will safeguard you and your and family’s financial wellbeing in case of an accident. Royale BC Financial can provide you with different options to make sure you get the coverage that is right for you.

What types of medical insurance are offered?

Disability Income Protection Insurance

If an accident takes away your ability to earn an income, you risk losing the lifestyle and stability you’ve created for yourself and your family. Your other health insurance plan can help with the medical bills, but they won’t replace your lost income. For that you need disability income protection insurance. Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Insurance® has a plan that can ensure you maintain your way of life. Even if you have a company disability insurance policy, we can complement that with a plan that fills in the missing pieces of your company plan.

Critical Illness & Cancer Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides the insured with a lump-sum payment in the event of a critical illness. This can be used to support you and your family financially, and supplement your health insurance plan and any other disability coverage you may have. With critical illness insurance, an unexpected sickness won’t mean saying goodbye to your retirement savings.

Long Term Care

If you or a loved one ever needs long term care, the out-of-pocket expenses could easily total thousands of dollars. That’s because provincial health insurance plans provide only limited coverage for long term care. Long term care insurance from Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Insurance® helps to fill that gap, while also allowing you to reduce the burden on loved ones and maintain more control over your future.

I think medical insurance is right for me. What are my next steps?

Good choice.

Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Insurance is one of the most reputable and fastest growing insurance companies in North America. I am here personally to ensure your financial wealth and stability. Contact me and book an appointment, so we can go over your individual needs and find the right medical insurance solution for you.

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It was a pleasure to work with Royale British Columbia Financial. I’m a government employee and he helped explain how I qualified for a special tax free pension plan which I wasn’t aware of before we met. I feel much more confident heading into retirement with this unique solution.
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