Business Overhead Expense

Ensure your business can always pay the bills

You—and perhaps your co-owners—make a significant contribution to the business. In fact, it’s so significant that if you were disabled for any length of time, your absence would impact the bottom line.

This type of insurance is critical for businesses where the owner’s ability to come to work makes the difference between the office being open or closed for business. The coverage will appeal to physicians, lawyers, accountants, engineers and other individuals who own firms that depend on the owner’s ability to generate income to pay the bills.

It is an expense reimbursement policy that covers those fixed monthly business overhead expenses required to keep the business viable until the return of the owner, after a period of disability. This allows the business operations to continue until the insured either returns to work or makes a decision regarding the future of the business.

That’s why Royale British Columbia Financial Inc Insurance® provides Disability Overhead Expense Insurance. For help in structuring the right policy for you and your partners or co-owners, contact us today.

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